- even the big guys have trouble some times.

Neowin is one of the top tech sites, I get a lot of my news from them, and there are quite a few posts from them on this site.  Below is an account of what took them offline.  None of this is something that they had any control of, but I bet from now on they will look at the facility that houses their servers a bit differently.  From my point of view, the server facility, a company that Neowin uses to host their site had poor planning for the cooling.  I suspect there are going to be some hard questions asked for taking down a site that serves that much traffic, and has now cost them quite a bit of revenue.

Neowin is currently experiencing some downtime, and will be back up soon. We will post updates here as they become available.

5th Aug - 02:30 BST: We now have the site loading from within the corporate network, still a few things to tweak before we can go live though.

5th Aug - 00:00 BST: We're now updating server configurations and ensuring they're all in sync and talking properly to each other in preparation to go live again. Four servers survived unharmed by the water, the final machine is refusing to boot. Stardock have kindly loaned us an identical server for the moment, we have swapped in our drives and brought that server online.

4th Aug - 19:30 BST: We have just brought Neowin IRC back online. Join us for live updates on the restoration progress. We hope to have everything restored this evening!

4th Aug - 17:00 BST: We now have two of the servers powered on, and are currently taking a full backup of all the content (not all content is included in our weekly off-site backup performed on Sunday mornings). The good news is that while we do not know yet if there are any issues with some of the servers not yet powered up, we haven't lost any data.

4th Aug - 00:20 BST: We've uploaded some photos of the scene at the datacenter, and of our servers drying off. You can find them in our very basic disaster gallery.

3rd Aug - 18:50 BST: Our servers are now at Stardock, and are being dried before an attempt is made to power them back on and test that they are still working.

3rd Aug - 15:00 BST: We have determined that the outage was originally caused by a failed network switch. Upon technicians arriving at the facility, it was discovered that an AC unit has been leaking water into the rack which houses our servers. Once it is safe to do so, our servers will be removed and transported to another datacenter where they will be brought back online. We apologize for the extended and unexpected downtime, but as you will understand, this was totally beyond our control.

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Neowin takes a shower

This is the cabinet where Neowin lives


Water dripping down the front...

Servers drying out in the basement at Stardock

Puddle at the front of the cabinet

Water pools up on the KVM

Servers taken apart to dry faster

Neowin's servers, looking a little damp

Our 'wetwork' cables, and switch

Water, on the power distribution? That can't be good!

Puddle at the back of the cabinet

The culprit!!!