On Line Remote Help In order to use this service you'll need to give me a call first. 618.767.6728 We'll set up an appointment so we'll both have time to work on your computer.  I will need you to download a small executable file that will extract automatically and then you just click on the "connect" button. I'll be on the phone to guide you during the process.


We will probably use Team Viewer.  If Team Viewer is used, you will be guided on how to use it without installing it, so please do not skip ahead.

Download Team Viewer here.


Pay by Credit Card

To make it easier to pay by credit card, I have set up the following buttons that will add amounts to a shopping cart via PayPal.  You do NOT have to have a PayPal account but at the end of the transaction there will be a link to sign up.  As you need, you may click on each button below to add up to the time used.  A new window will open for each one, but the amounts add up in a "cart" and when the time adds up to the right amount, you can check out then or at anytime(it will be easier to do all at once and you will only get one listing in your statement that way).


Service First hour minimum $69.00 and each full hour after.

Hours Billed
1.0 Hour $69.00 USD1.5 Hours $103.50 USD2.0 Hours $138.00 USD2.5 Hours $172.50 USD3.0 Hours $207.00 USD3.5 Hours $241.50 USD4.0 Hours $276.00 USD5.0 Hours $345.00 USD8.0 Hours $552.00 USD10 Hours $690.00 USD
Hours = $69 1 Hour minimum


======= Service .25 hour $17.25

.25 hours to add to full hours
.25 hour $17.25 $17.25 USD.50 hour $34.50 $34.50 USD.75 hour $51.75 $51.75 USD
Service .25 hour $17.25

======= View Cart

======= Donate