This page is for techs and advanced users.  If you are not familiar with these programs then you should go to the other pages on this site that have explanations for the software listed here.

Just a list of links to downloads mostly from,, or from

Ninite -I am not directly linking to a set because the choices are different for the various OS's and users.  The downloads I have it install are listed below. -  Firefox, Skype, Pidgin, iTunes, Paint.NET, Picasa,, Foxit Reader, Essentials, Malwarebytes, Flash, Flash (IE), Java, .NET, Silverlight, Dropbox, Google Earth, ImgBurn, CCleaner, Revo, Defraggler, TeraCopy(XP machines only), CDBurnerXP, Recuva.For advanced users you may also want to add Chrome, Notepad++.  If I am in a huge hurry I will also install 7zip using Ninite but usually I will download the latest version, as it has more file types and options set automatically.

For everything else or if you want to download individually.!!! FIRST install antivirus !!!

FreeMicrosoft Security Essentials

PaidNOD32 from eset or Kaspersky Anti-Virus

After installing AV, Firefox, and Microsoft programs such as MS Office, get all the updates by either using or AutoPatcher.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome - Chrome is Google's web browser.Fast start-up - Google Chrome launches in a snap. Fast loading - Google Chrome loads web pages quickly. Fast search - Search the web right from the address bar. - The Chrome web store -

I should not have to say this, but for the non-geeks who have stumbled into this page by mistake, to use the links below you have to have Chrome open.

smartUp Gestures - A better gestures extension. Features include: mouse gestures, simple drag, super drag, rocker gestures and wheel gestures.

Adblock Plus for Google Chrome™ (Beta) - Once you've added Adblock Plus, go to the Features page and add the Disable Malware Domains.  Click the link and it will open the extension options and fill in the right info.  Click the Add button and it will automatically add it.

Downloads Downloads - adds the Downloads button to the toolbar.

IE Tab - I haven't used this one in years.

ForecastFox - Same developer as for Firefox, the plugin just works from a button at the top of Chrome.

Clip to Evernote - Use the Evernote extension to save things you see on the web into your Evernote account. It even lets you search through your notes.  If you still use Evernote(I quit paying for the full priced version).


Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Extensions - If you middle click on all of these extensions, they will open in new tabs and you can install all of them at the same time.

Fire Gestures -  Open the options and go to the last tab and put a check in the check box for the "Tab Wheel Gestures" box and then when you hover your mouse over the tabs bar, you will cycle through the open tabs.  I also change the "Mapping" for opening a new window by opening up that option and under "Window" click on "New Window" and then the "Edit" button and change from the default to just "D".  This way when you right click and drag down, a new Firefox window will open.  You may also want to change the color of the mouse trail from the default neon green to something else. I do not recommend changing the button that triggers it.

The Addon Bar (Restored)  Adds back the addon bar for Firefox with the Australis theme (Firefox 29 and up).

IE Tab Plus (FF3.6+, No Adware, Absolutely Clean) This is the clean version without the shopping tool added in.  This is one that I have already installed and use.IE Tab 2 Updated and enhanced version of the classic IE Tab that includes support for FireFox 3.6 and beyond. Supports automatic import of all of your existing IE Tab settings and filter strings.

Adblock Plus Once you've added Adblock Plus, click on Adblock Plus and open the options.  Then click on the following link to go to the Features page and add the Disable Malware Domains.  Click the link and it will open the extension options and fill in the right info.  Click the Add button and it will automatically add it.



Password Exporter

*I've removed the PDF Download add on.  This one just seems to have caused more confusion and trouble than it was worth, and actually blocked a number of PDF's from being downloaded since Firefox built in support for the .pdf file format.  I added the Addon Bar restored plugin as I usually add the ForecastFox plugin so people don't go down the road with installing all the weather programs to their computers.


CD Burner XP    Pro7zip

WinAmp    VLC media player - Even plays most DVD's.


Pidgin    PDFCreator

Maintenance Tools

CCleaner    SpywareBlaster

Malware Bytes    SuperAntiSpyware

Google Pack - No longer available


If the client uses AOL for email they can now use but if they have been using the AOL 8 or 9 and you've backed it up you can put the AOL back together by following the instructions in one of the sections here. For other email see this page. Also if you sign up for a Gmail or Google account, I have a page (GOOGLE AND GMAIL TIPS) devoted just to this.