I moved this site to Squarespace!  And it is secure if you want, you can browse https://www.viclovan.com/ and know that your traffic to my site can't be seen by any bad guys between your computer and our servers! My old site went back to 2006, so you can imagine there is plenty of work to be done.  Some things are bound to be a bit out of place, but I'll try to have it all in working order as soon as possible.  Please let me know what you think.

Welcome to VicLovan.com! Tech help and how-to, and maybe a little about me.* I am a computer technician who does mostly on-site desktop support, software and hardware, in the "Metro East" and greater St. Louis metro area.  I have been doing this for quite a few years now, my rates are fair and if you need something quick I can often do that with a phone call and a remote control session through the Internet.  See the "Client Help" page for my rates and if you want to call me, click the "Call Me" button, fill in your number, and the call will be made automatically, without any cost to you, other than your normal local calling, tax, and mobile minutes, provided you are in the continental forty-eight states.  If you are concerned about the time, leave me a message on the "Contact Me" page with a time that is good for you, including your email, phone number, time you want me to call, and I will do my best to call at that time.

I have come across quite a few tips, time savers (and time killers - check the FunStuff page and posts), and just plain great programs over the years.  If you are thinking about something to look for, do a search, that is the fastest way around the site.  I have a menu system that is pretty good, a site map which is extensive, links to the pages on the side of every page, but the search is the fastest.  Also if you try to go to a page that has a broken link, the site will automatically return search results for what it 'thinks' you were looking for, cool huh? On this site I try to point you in the right direction for having a computer that will be as trouble free as possible and still let you enjoy "all the cool stuff the kids are doing these days".  I do show off a bit of my photography and you are welcome to download through Picasa the pictures that are shared in my public albums.  I try to keep the site updated as well as possible and there is not much here that kids should not see, but you need to be the judge of that. I ask that you use some common sense when download


If you can't find something directly, you might try to do a search from the top right search box.  For instance if you want to search for something like "Phone" type it in, hit enter and you will return this search page "Phone".


*I've just updated some settings for this site to make it run better.  If you get to a page and it is missing pictures that have a link to them starting with "https" (s=for secure) and the picture is missing you might have to "add an exception for this site".  Really I would prefer that you didn't do that and just notify me and tell me exactly what page you were on.  This site is extensive and I will be working my way through the most popular pages first.  I appreciate any help you can give me. - Vic