Wondering if you should upgrade, if you can, or should replace your Windows based computer?

There are a number of programs to find out what you have.  On the hardware side, Speccy is a great tool that has improved over the years to become my favorite tool to quickly find out your hardware setup.  On the software side, Belarc Advisor has long been a go to application.


Hardware info.  To find out your current configuration in hardware, and especially to send me that information, install and run Speccy.  Get it from either Piriform(the creator and source), MajorGeeks, or Filehippo.  The free version is fine, but if you feel compelled to, you have a Pro version.  

If you are sending me your info for your computer, what I need is not a photo(snapshot), of Speccy, but a file that you get when you run it, and Speccy calls that file is a "Snapshot".  Then you can attach that file in an email from that computer.  At the top left in Speccy, there is a menu when you click "File".  In that menu you save the "Snapshot" file and attach it to the email to me.

By having that file, I should be able to find out exactly what your computer configuration is.  I may still need to have some photos of your system, but most likely I'll be able to figure out what your system is.

Speccy screenshots on the Piriform site.  

"Speccy first opens with a complete summary of all the hardware in your computer."

"Each section in Speccy provides more information about that specific component."

"Speccy can also retrieve SMART data from your hard disks so you can see how reliable they are."

"The options window allows you to customize the temperature units, and will be expanded to support many more settings."


Software info.    To find out your current configuration in software, and be able to save, or share it, Belarc Advisor(which also gives some hardware info) is a very detailed tool.  Get it from either Belarc(the creator and source), MajorGeeks, or Filehippo.

If you are sending me your info for your computer, what I need is a file you create once Belarc Advisor runs and opens in your browser.  Belarc will automatically open in a web page once it is done and display as much system information as it can.  You'll open your browser's file menu and either save the page by using the "save page as", or printing a PDF file(especially in Chrome).  When saving the page as PDF, make sure to use the "Portrait" view, or it probably won't display correctly.