New xkcd store

Hey all!

There's a new xkcd store page with a bunch of stuff in it, and we're currently shipping for Christmas.

Some of the larger xkcd comics are for sale in poster form. I've just added a 12"x48" poster of the Up Goer Five:

You can also get 24"x36" posters versions of my map of what each US state is shaped like, a chart of the history of the US Congress, a chart of all the amounts of money in the world, and a bunch of other posters.

In addition to posters, the xkcd store has a dozen or so t-shirts, some stickers, and a variety of other items.

You can browse the new store page here!

Note: We'll be shipping stuff all through December. The holiday deadline for US orders is December 18th, so you should order before then if you want your stuff by Christmas.