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“Don't forget Bob” and “Got the wrong Bob?” graduate from Labs

Posted by Assaf Ben-David, Software Engineering Intern, Israel “Don’t forget Bob” and “Got the wrong Bob?” are two Gmail Labs features that help prevent you from making two common mistakes: forgetting to include someone on an email, and send...

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5 tips for using Priority Inbox

Posted by Kristen Lemons, Gmail Support TeamIt’s been a week since we launched Priority Inbox, and now that you've hopefully had a chance to try it out, we wanted to share some tips to help you manage your email more efficiently. Here are five ways y...

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3 new Calendar Labs

Posted by Grace Kwak, Product ManagerToday, we're happy to announce three new features in Calendar Labs. To try them out, just go to the Labs tab under Calendar Settings.1. Event flair by Dave Marmaros Want a little airplane icon next to information ab...

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