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3 Labs graduations, 1 retirement

Posted by Maciek Nowakowski, Associate Product Manager Today we’re excited to graduate three more features from the experimental testing ground of Gmail Labs. Superstars, Nested Labels, and Advanced IMAP Controls are now first-class citizens in the ...

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Print from your phone with Gmail for mobile and Google Cloud Print

Posted by Tyler Odean, Google Cloud Print TeamLet’s say you need to print an important email attachment on your way to work so that it’s waiting for you when you walk in the door. With Gmail for mobile and Google Cloud Print — a service that ...

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Rich text signatures

Posted by Mark Knichel, Software EngineerRich text signatures have long been one of our most widely requested features. Some of you have tried your own solutions, including Greasemonkey scripts, browser plugins, and even using canned responses from Gma...

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