These are just a few of the albums I have up with PicasaWeb. You can find the rest of my public albums at is more info about the services that Google has, including Picasa and PicasaWeb, on this site in the Downloads and Tips section.

Each picture links to an album on picasaweb and you can download the pictures there.

Desktop Pics02
Wallpapers from various OS
07.09.2007 Sunflowers and Storms
Desktop Pics02 Wide Screen
12.01.2006 Ice Storm
10.12.2006 Pink Arch
08.12.2006 THUNDERBIRDS best of

test stuff


[shashin type="album" id="3" size="large" crop="n" columns="max" caption="y" order="date" position="center"]

portfolio pics

[shashin type="album" id="148" size="small" crop="n" columns="3" caption="n" order="user" position="center"]