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Printing online email!

You may have noticed that when you try to print your email the printing comes out too small or not just the message like you want. Most of the online email services have started printing a little differently than most programs do. Once you open an email there is a button on the page that you need to use to print. On Yahoo mail and Hotmail there is a button above the list of messages or if you double click to open a message it will be above the message itself. On Gmail it is in the drop down to the top right of the message. This print button will open a new message window or tab that re-formats the message and the printing should match what you see on screen. This is a very common practice because so many pages have ads in them that you may not want to print. Even my own prints differently than what you see on screen! Hopefully this will help in printing your email.

Gmail -

Yahoo! mail - from the preview pane.

Yahoo! mail - opened with the full view.

Hotmail - from the preview pane.

Hotmail - from the full view.