Are you still using Internet Explorer 6? A few reasons to upgrade

IF you still use Internet Explorer 6, there is a banner at the top of my website asking you to upgrade your browser to a newer, safer browser.

All of these alternative are free. Yes I said All of these alternatives are FREE.

Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) is over 7 years old, most of us do not have computers, cars, clothes, homes, TV’s, cameras that are that old. What happened to your older car? It broke down? You couldn’t afford to keep fixing it?

Guess what? Microsoft, the company behind the Internet Explorer software has done the same thing. They have replaced the old broken browser (version 6) with a newer more shiny model (version 7). They are even working on IE8!

Also along with IE7, there are 4 other major browsers out there that are being constantly updated and are newer, shiner than IE6. My personal recommendation is Firefox. The good folks at The Mozilla Foundation have helped a community build this browser to give an alternative to Internet Explorer.

Along with Firefox and IE7 here are the other options to upgrade your browser.

  • Opera
  • Safari

Here are 2 other options that are still being tested, so tread carefully

  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Google Chrome

You’ll find a few links below to others that feel like I do, and links to the browsers I’ve mentioned.
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Opera, the fastest and most beautiful browser on the planet. download now


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