Leo Laporte Responds via Arrington's statement - Ramblings and Tidbits

NOT for young listeners! - Language - if you are pointed to the video, the language is not for young listeners.   The text on the paged linked is safe. Leo Laporte Responds via Arrington's statement - Ramblings and Tidbits.

Leo Laporte Responds via Arrington's statement

Response shortly after: "Just to be clear, I almost always buy the products I review, mostly because I don't like "owing" the PR folks and I hate the "when are you planning on covering it" phone calls, but also to avoid the appearance of conflict of interest. My policy is to always return the unit and buy one if I want to keep using it. In this case I accepted a review unit because I was concerned that I wouldn't have one in time to review it on the radio show. It's a 7-day return, as I told Mike. The proffer of a review unit IN NO WAY affects my opinion of a product. It is a standard industry practice to accept review units. Palm never implied or asked for a positive review and they know that if they did so I would never deal with them again. I've worked for 30 years to prove my integrity. Mike's insinuation that I was somehow "on the take" with Palm was about the worst insult you can offer any technology journalist. It's not true. It's never been true. My opinions are my own and have never been influenced by any vendor at any time."

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UPDATED:  Michael Arrington seems remorseful via this TechCrunch post -http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/06/06/ouch/