2009.06.19 Yahoo! Mail loading slowly for you? Yahoo! Mail Blog

Yet again, Norton and Yahoo! mail, uh, well, uh, maybe you should finally move to Gmail for email and NOD32, Avast free, or AVG free for antivirus.

Yahoo! Mail loading slowly for you? | Yahoo! Mail Blog.

Yahoo! Mail loading slowly for you?

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I understand that some Yahoo! Mail users may be experiencing some slowness with Yahoo Mail recently. The issue is occurring due to a conflict between Yahoo! Mail and various Symantec (Norton) products including anti-virus/security software. Our engineering team has isolated the issue and is rolling out a fix as I write this blog entry.

In the meantime, if you are currently experiencing an issue with slowness and have Symantec (Norton) products installed I can suggest using a different anti-virus software solution while you access Yahoo! Mail. (Of course, I am not suggesting permanently replacing your Symantec software)

The fix is rolling out now and will reach all of our users over the next couple of days, at which point Norton Anti-Virus and Yahoo! Mail should work happily together once more.

Andrew – Yahoo Mail Team.