2009.10.18 Twitter down again?

2009.10.18 Twitter down again? I was just trying to look something up on twitter and it couldn't load.  I tried with my phone and pocket twit, same thing.  Time here 5:48am CDT 2009.10.18.  I looked at their blog and there is nothing mentioned about a scheduled maintenance.


These guys need to up their server and network capacity, I expect they are under a DDOS attack again.  I understand that sort of thing is not really their fault, but for a site that is growing and having so many users, it would seem they should be ahead of and able to withstand such attacks.  This may not be the cause, maybe they are doing said upgrades, but you would think there would be notice of such a shut down.

update: http://status.twitter.com/ thanks to KevinH in the #twitlive chat room at http://irc.twit.tv/ and http://live.twit.tv/