Google Public DNS - OpenDNS

As a long time OpenDNS user, I'm a bit torn over this one.  I am now a Google "FanBoy", but, OpenDNS has been a very good tool in my arsenal of utilities and services to keep myself and my clients safe against malware providers, as well as improving the speed of web browsing.  Now comes a service from Google, who probably know more about the web than anyone.  OpenDNS provides some very useful tools that will allow you to customize what sites you, or if you use their services with a router, anyone behind your router will see.  I expect that Google will do the same and more, given their knowledge and how often they crawl the net.  I will give this a try and see if I can tell a difference.  I also expect that Google will offer services similar to OpenDNS in the future as well.  Even if I do switch to the Google Public DNS, I hope OpenDNS continues on, as I am sure it will, because there are plenty of people who just do not trust any corporate or government entity to always do the right thing, and they will continue to use OpenDNS.  I may be one of them... Google Public DNS


Google Public DNS article at PC World.

If you want to use either of these services just change your DNS settings to the following numbers.  Both are free.  OpenDNS does offer extra services that you may want to pay for.  Give them both a look.  Either of them will improve the speed of your web surfing over what ever piece of junk DNS server your ISP is using.

OpenDNS servers: and

Google Public DNS servers: and