facebook privacy settings

This has been posted before but a lot of people are missing what is going on here.  You NEED to double check your Facebook privacy settings
http://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=privacy&ref=mb because THEY HAVE CHANGED!!!  If you were not paying attention recently when FB made you log in again you just made a LOT of what you post PUBLIC.  As you go through your settings there is a "Preview My Profile..." button to click on to see your public profile, I suggest you do just to check yourself out.  Put it this way, do you really want possible future employers to see where you spent your last day of "work" getting drunk and tattooed, or where that tattoo is? http://www.facebook.com/settings/?tab=privacy&ref=mb#/settings/?tab=privacy&section=search If you set this up the right way there are now actually more settings and levels of security, but if you don't, your info is available.  Think about that "friends of friends setting too... This post, set to "Everyone".  Feel free to re-post it on your own page.