A letter for Steve Gibson, and anyone else who wants to chime in.

Dear Steve, I have been watching and listing to you for a long time on TWiT and before that, your visits on the Screen Savers.  I first want to say thank you for all of the very valuable information that you give us, along with your tools on the GRC site.

What I am writing to you for, is something that I think you would be able to sink your teeth into and sort out better than anyone else I can think of.  This is something that has a political angle to it, but I think of you as someone who, no matter his politics, would not let that affect your analysis.  I would like to find out your thoughts on the RFID implants that are mandated in the "Obama Care" law - H.R. 3962.  Also there are some religious implications here, and I am not going to try to tackle any of that yet, I am a person of faith, Christian, but will have to let that part of this go until I can understand this more.  For now I am just asking for help in understanding the tech and possible legal implications of this law and device.

I have been sent this and have to say that I am actually mixed on the issue.  The reason that I am mixed is that I am not opposed to using technology to give information to medical professionals during an emergency seems to be a good thing, but the other information that is lined out in this, such as your banking information, and the ability to pay for medical services directly seems to me to be as bad an idea as I have ever heard of.

I know the elections are coming right up, so the timing of this is suspect on my part.  In that regard, I will tell you up front that I will not be voting for President Obama.  As for this law, I know that once something becomes law, it is incredibly hard to overturn or repeal.

Some of the things I was hoping that you would look at:

Can the data on the device be updated?

Would something as simple as a person getting married and changing their name, mean that they would have to get a new one?

Do you believe that this is something that is safe in terms of data theft from an unknown person or persons standing next to you, like some of the credit cards that can be read from inside a wallet with a portable electronic reader?

Do you believe that the data contained on the chip would be encrypted well enough to be safe?

What would be the real life expectancy of this device?  Would we have to get new ones every so often?  Would old ones have to be removed?

I was sent this and normally I don't get too worked up about this stuff because I am already sceptical of our government.  I still think this is the greatest nation the planet has ever had and will continue to be.  I was sent to this page with a video that I believe is too long, you may or may not want to watch all of it.


I don't believe Americans are dumb, lazy, yes, wanting to turn a blind eye, yes, but dumb, no.  Are we behind in a lot of areas that we have no excuse to be, sure, but I don't think we are actually dumb so I will understand if the site name turns you off.  What this site/video boils down to is pointing out some of the key points in the law.

HR 3962 You can download it on pdf here.

This thing is a couple thousand pages, so the video actually does point out the page numbers to look at. http://housedocs.house.gov/rules/health/111_ahcaa.pdf

page 1505

link data 1506

page research - medical device surveillance 736

page real-time - financial responsibility 77

I know that your time is extremely valuable, and I have nothing to offer in compensation, other than a thank you.  So I will say thank you right now for even reading this email, and thank you in advance if you do choose to take a look at this issue.

Your fan, Vic Lovan

*You'll note that the host says that "you'll need Adobe to open this up" talking about a .pdf, I'm going to have to send him a link to Foxit Reader, UGH!!!
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