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Undo certain Gmail actions in your mobile browser

Posted by Bryan Logan, Software Engineer (Cross-posted from the Google Mobile blog)

Sometimes when I’m using Gmail on my phone, I delete a message by mistake or label it incorrectly. Sure I can fish the message out of my Trash or remove the label ...

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Google Calendar Sync now supports Outlook 2010

Posted by Alice Brown, Google Calendar TeamMaking sure that your calendar is available to you whenever and wherever you need it is important. That's why Google Calendar works with a number of desktop applications and mobile devices including iCal, iPho...

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One button to merge all duplicate contacts

Posted by Dominik Marcinski, Software EngineerManaging a big address book can be a challenge, so it's no surprise that the top request for Google contacts is a fast, easy way to merge duplicate contacts. You've been able to merge contacts one-by-one fo...

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Getting Gmail on your phone

Posted by Shyam Seth, Product Manager, Google MobileChecking Gmail on your phone isn't reserved for those of us with extra fancy mobile devices — sure, it's easier to use Gmail when your iPhone has a touchscreen or there's a downloadable app built es...

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View Google Calendar offline

Posted by Ken Norton, Senior Product ManagerIn addition to offline access to Gmail while you're traveling or without a strong internet connection, you can now see your Google Calendar events when you're disconnected. Offline Calendar lets you view your...

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