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A new look for Google Calendar

Posted by Joe Ashear, User Experience DesignerWhen I came to Google four years ago, a small group of engineers was putting the finishing touches on a calendar application. A few of us started using it, and I remember thinking, "Wow! It's so fresh and s...

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Four new themes

Posted by Jake Knapp, UI Designer and Manu Cornet, Software EngineerManu: Hey Jake, you still using that same old theme?Jake: Well, yeah. I mean, I like it -- but I don't know... I guess it just doesn't feel as new as it used to.Manu: I hear ya. Well, ...

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A small (but helpful) change to 'mark as unread'

Posted by David de Kloet, Software EngineerGmail's threaded conversations are useful because they keep your messages in context -- you don't have to look for previous messages to see what people are talking about. But sometimes, when many people are re...

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