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5 years of Google Calendar and a new (useful) favicon

Posted by David Tattersall, Product Manager On April 13th, 2006 we released Google Calendar to the world. What started as an experimental project by several Googlers has grown to become a service that millions of people rely on every day. From photog...

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New in Labs: Smart mute and easier ways to unmute

Posted by Bruce DiBello, Software EngineerIf you subscribe to a lot of mailing lists and like to keep an empty inbox, muting (or preventing a conversation from re-entering your inbox) is an essential feature. We just made a few changes that should make...

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Confirm your Buzz settings

Posted by Todd Jackson, Product ManagerShortly after launching Google Buzz, we quickly realized we didn't get everything right and moved as fast as possible to improve the Buzz experience. We made a number of changes to the getting started experience b...

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