Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for

Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for This is a very cool service Google does.  I heard about this on "Security Now" on the TWiT network.  You can click the link about to see the current security diagnostic about or use the following link plus the site name you want to check.  Just copy the link just below and paste that into the address bar of your browser and after the equal sign fill in the site address.

For example to check it would be;

It is pretty interesting to follow the links to see how much work each webhost (web site hosting companies) has to do.  When someone signs up for a website the webhost does not know what is going on with those sites other than security scans and having to check traffic to them.  They have hundreds if not thousands sites and most of the traffic looks the same.  When something starts to show up as unusual or slows down a server then they may actually have a human look at the content on a site to see if it violates the webhost TOS (Terms Of Service) and can then remove malicious content and sites.  If you follow the link above to check my site you will see that my webhost has hosted some bad sites and who some of them are.

You can safely click the links on the Google info pages to see what they found.  Do not copy and paste the links, since the whole idea is that while looking at the Google page is safe, what they found were sites with issues, except where it is pointing to the webhosts.  Google only shows they are scanning 11 pages, however they actually scan every page on a site so it shows up in their search results.  That is how they came up with this nifty little tool.  Since they already scanned every page, and copy it to their servers to make the search faster, they also scan for malicious content.  If you use Google to do your searches then at some point you may have seen a warning to "Get me out of here!" when you have gone to a page from the links in your search.