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New in Labs: Smart mute and easier ways to unmute

Posted by Bruce DiBello, Software EngineerIf you subscribe to a lot of mailing lists and like to keep an empty inbox, muting (or preventing a conversation from re-entering your inbox) is an essential feature. We just made a few changes that should make...

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Email overload? Try Priority Inbox

Posted by Doug Aberdeen, Software EngineerPeople tell us all the time that they’re getting more and more mail and often feel overwhelmed by it all. We know what you mean—here at Google we run on email. Our inboxes are slammed with hundreds, sometim...

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A small (but helpful) change to 'mark as unread'

Posted by David de Kloet, Software EngineerGmail's threaded conversations are useful because they keep your messages in context -- you don't have to look for previous messages to see what people are talking about. But sometimes, when many people are re...

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