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Introducing appointment slots in Google Calendar

Posted by Irene Chung, Software Engineer Google Calendar has become indispensable for organizing my own time and sharing my schedule with friends and coworkers. But what about letting others know about my preferred availability? Likewise, when I loo...

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Introducing the people widget

Posted by Zohair Hyder, Software Engineer (Cross-posted on the Google Enterprise Blog)

Email is just as much about the people you communicate with as it is what you communicate about. We think it can be helpful to view relevant information in context...

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Color code your Google Calendar events

Posted by Michelle Chen, Software Engineer If your calendar ends up full of many different types of events (film nights, lunch dates, and doctor appointments, for example), there’s now an easy way to categorize them using colors.

Only you and an...

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Faces of Gmail: Petra Cross

Posted by Kathleen Chen, Consumer Operations Last month we kicked off “Faces of Gmail,” a series where we’ll introduce you to some of the members of the Gmail team. For our first post, we spoke with Manu Cornet, an engineer in Paris who made som...

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Undo certain Gmail actions in your mobile browser

Posted by Bryan Logan, Software Engineer (Cross-posted from the Google Mobile blog)

Sometimes when I’m using Gmail on my phone, I delete a message by mistake or label it incorrectly. Sure I can fish the message out of my Trash or remove the label ...

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Dealing with label overload

Posted by Stanley Chen, Software EngineerMany Gmail power users have elaborate label systems to help organize their mail -- some help file and retrieve mail, others help manage their attention. We created the “Hide read labels” and “Hide Labels ...

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Priority Inbox in Gmail for mobile

Posted by Nathan Bullock, Software Engineer(Cross-posted from the Mobile blog)If you’ve ever cursed a phone’s tiny screen as utterly inadequate for sifting through an overflowing inbox you’ll be pleased to hear that the Gmail mobile web app now s...

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Two improvements to contact groups

Posted by Will Scott, Software EngineerOrganizing your Gmail contacts into groups can save you time when you’re writing messages to multiple people at once. For example, if you create a “Family” group, instead of addressing an email to your mom, ...

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Desktop notifications for emails and chat messages

Posted by Andrew Wilson, Software EngineerMany of us are guilty of constantly switching back to Gmail to check for new messages. And if you’re like me, you’ve probably missed an important chat message because you weren’t looking at your Gmail win...

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