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3 Labs graduations, 1 retirement

Posted by Maciek Nowakowski, Associate Product Manager Today we’re excited to graduate three more features from the experimental testing ground of Gmail Labs. Superstars, Nested Labels, and Advanced IMAP Controls are now first-class citizens in the ...

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Switch to Gmail

Posted by Jason Toff, Product Marketing ManagerSwitching email accounts can be painful. The idea of losing years of accumulated contacts and messages can sound daunting, to say the least. Luckily, switching to Gmail doesn’t mean you have to start tot...

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Dealing with label overload

Posted by Stanley Chen, Software EngineerMany Gmail power users have elaborate label systems to help organize their mail -- some help file and retrieve mail, others help manage their attention. We created the “Hide read labels” and “Hide Labels ...

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A Priority Inbox update: time savings, new features, and your feedback

Posted by Pal Takacsi-Nagy, Engineering ManagerIt's been a couple of months since we first launched Priority Inbox. Since then, we’ve heard from a number of you who’ve found it helpful in combating information overload, and we’ve seen evidence of...

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New in Labs: Auto-advance to the next conversation

Posted by Bruce DiBello, Software EngineerToday, whenever you open an email in your Gmail inbox and then archive or delete it, you’re taken back to your inbox. Many of you have asked for the ability to instead go to the next conversation. Keyboard ni...

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Turn off Gmail’s conversation view

Posted by Wiltse Carpenter, Technical LeadThe way Gmail organizes mail into conversations is like cilantro. You either love it -- and, like me, enjoy the nice citrusy, herbal finish it gives to everything from salsa to curry -- or you hate it. And thos...

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Updates to Contacts and a (slightly) new look for Gmail

Posted by Benjamin Grol, Product ManagerWe're constantly reviewing user feedback about Gmail, and for a while now the number one request has been for a better contacts experience. You’ve asked us to generally make Contacts easier to use, as well as f...

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Rich text signatures

Posted by Mark Knichel, Software EngineerRich text signatures have long been one of our most widely requested features. Some of you have tried your own solutions, including Greasemonkey scripts, browser plugins, and even using canned responses from Gma...

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Google Maps previews in Gmail and Google Buzz

Posted by Mark Knichel, Software EngineerI often receive emails containing addresses in them — where to meet for dinner, the location of my friend's new apartment, etc. To find out where these places actually are, I have to copy the address, open...

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Comment via email and view entire photo albums in Google Buzz

Posted by Henry Wong, Software EngineerOne of the things people like best about Google Buzz is the ability to have conversations in the comments. But until now, if you were reading a post in an email client (like the native mail app on your phone or Ou...

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New in Labs: Nested Labels and Message Sneak Peek

Posted by Manu Cornet, Software EngineerLabels are more flexible than folders because a given email can have several labels but can't be in several folders at the same time. A highly requested feature for labels, though, comes from the world of folders...

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New in Labs: Refresh POP accounts

Posted by Emmanuel Pellereau, Software Engineer

My little sister recently setup her Gmail account to retrieve messages from her school address, so she can check all of her email accounts in one place. She no longer has to constantly log in to two email programs, and she likes using Gmail's powerful interface for all her mail.

However, sometimes she knows an email has already been sent to her school address, and she just can't wait for the next scheduled fetch to have it show up in her Gmail inbox. As any big brother would, I tried to solve this issue for her and millions of Gmail users.

Turn on "Refresh POP accounts" from the Labs tab under Settings, and the refresh link at the top of your inbox will not only update your inbox with your new Gmail messages, it will also fetch messages from any other accounts which you have set up.

Try it out, and let us know if you have any feedback.

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Default https access for Gmail

Posted by Sam Schillace, Gmail Engineering DirectorIn 2008, we rolled out the option to always use https — encrypting your mail as it travels between your web browser and our servers. Using https helps protect data from being snooped by third par...

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Send attachments while offline

Posted by Andy Palay, Software EngineerOne of the most requested features for Offline Gmail has been the ability to include attachments in messages composed while offline. Starting today, attachments work just the way you would expect them to whether y...

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New in Labs: Google Docs previews

Posted by Steven Saviano, Software EngineerBeing an avid Google Docs user, I receive a ton of emails with links to documents that my co-workers and friends share with me. From technical design documents at work to my roommate's expenses spreadsheet, my...

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