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New in Labs: Auto-advance to the next conversation

Posted by Bruce DiBello, Software EngineerToday, whenever you open an email in your Gmail inbox and then archive or delete it, you’re taken back to your inbox. Many of you have asked for the ability to instead go to the next conversation. Keyboard ni...

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Insert a calendar invitation

Posted by Oana Florescu, Software EngineerSince my friends share their schedules with me in Google Calendar, when I want to see a movie with them, I can check to see which nights they're free before sending out an email about it. However, I need to swi...

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Typing in Indian Languages

Anuj Sharma, Software EngineerUntil now, there hasn't been a good way to send email to friends and family in Hindi, my native language and their language of choice. That's why I'm happy to announce a new feature for Gmail that lets you type email in In...

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